My Vasaloppet race with an Apple Watch

Hello everyone, I wanted to share my experience using the Watchletic app during the grueling 90km Vasaloppet cross-country skiing race that took me 11 hours to complete. As the creator of the app, I was excited to test it in a challenging real-world situation, my worries being whether the battery would last for the duration, using an Apple Watch Ultra, while still getting heart rate readings and GPS route stored.

Battery life

Throughout the race, I was impressed by how efficiently the app tracked my progress without draining my watch's battery. It was a relief to know that I could rely on the app to provide me with real-time data on my speed and heart rate throughout the entire race without worrying about losing battery power.

Tracking heart rate

The app's ability to track my heart rate was particularly helpful during the race. As I pushed myself up steep hills and then glided down them, I was able to monitor my heart rate and adjust my pace accordingly. ~This helped me conserve my energy and maintain my stamina for the long haul.~ That's what I wanted to say, but the truth is I ran out of energy after 30km because I wanted to go faster than I should've. Oh well, live and learn!


Overall, I'm proud of how well the Watchletic app performed during the Vasaloppet race. It's a testament to the app's capabilities and how it can assist athletes in challenging endurance events.

As the creator of the app, it was a gratifying experience to see my creation help me achieve my goals during the race. My goals (as a beginner skier) being to just finish the race.

If you're an endurance athlete looking for an Apple Watch app to track your progress and keep you motivated, I highly recommend giving Watchletic a try.

Best regards,
Viktor Hesselbom

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